Two disabled public workers were reported to have been dismissed in the new goverment decree Turkey announced as part of its post-coup emergency rule on Friday.

Mithat Tokur, a worker with walking disability was dismissed from Turkish Employment Agency (TİK). Tokur also chairs Ankara office of the Turkish Association of the Handicapped (TSD).

Meanwhile, visually impaired lawyer Arzu Şenyurt Akdağ was also dismissed from Social Security Institution (SGK). Akdağ is among founding members of Disabled Women’s Foundation (EN-KAD).

Tokur along with his friends made a press meeting in Ankara on Sunday.

Underlining that he was not given even a single discipline penalty during his 36 years of work at state institutions, he added: “I also experienced the Sept. 12 era; I have never seen such persecution, corruption and betrayal.”

“You work until evening and when you make it to home at midnight you are told that you are dismissed!”

Both were dismissed as part of administrative investigation into the Gülen movement which the government accuses of masterminding a coup attempt on July 15.

The movement denies accusations.