Turkish government has been systematically and deliberately hailing women as part of a fear and intimidation campaign in the aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt, the Sweden-based Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF) said in a recent report on Apr 27.

Titled “Jailing Women in Turkey, Systematic Campaign of Persecution and Fear,” the report documents numerous cases of the recently imprisoned women who had had no criminal records so far.

“The motivation appears to be creating a chill factor in Turkish society and intimidating people from exercising their rights including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and other liberties,” read the report adding that women from all walks of life have become the target of this particular campaign.

“In several cases SCF has identified, women were detained in a hospital immediately after the delivery of her baby before they had a chance to recover. Many women were jailed as she was visiting her imprisoned husband, leaving the children stranded in the ensuing chaos in the criminal justice system that was abused by the government to punish critics. In one case, a woman lost her sanity under torture while in police detention, yet she was thrown back into prison, despite a diagnosis to that effect. Another woman was jailed, because her husband, a journalist, remained at large. In many cases, the government has jailed the wives of businessman who are seen as supporting the opposition to Turkey’s autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in addition to seizing all their businesses and personal assets,” the report elaborated.