Turkish prosecutors have launched investigations into 372 people due to their social media posts or behavior that violates prohibitions aimed at controlling the spread of the new coronavirus.

As part of the investigations, three people have been arrested and three others have been indicted, while 21 of them have been released from detention on judicial probation.

These people face charges of spreading disinformation about the outbreak on social media, engaging in humiliating behavior towards elderly people, failing to comply with the rules of quarantine and stockpiling goods.

Turkey imposed a curfew on people over the age of 65 to mitigate the outbreak. In videos posted on social media, some young people were seen making fun of elderly people who they see in public, falsely claiming that they will spread the coronavirus.

Turkish Truck driver detained over video in critical of government’s insufficient COVID-19 measures

A Turkish truck driver who recently posted a video regarding the government’s “insufficient” COVID-19 measures, was reportedly detained by police for “encouraging people to disobey laws.”

The man, named Malik Yılmaz, criticized the government in the video, saying that he was not able to stay home because “he must eat to live.”

“Now that you [government] are saying that we should stay home. How am I suppose to stay home? I’m not retired, I’m not public official, I’m a worker. I’m a truck driver. If I don’t work, how am I suppose to make a living? I can’t pay my rent. […] This virus will not kill me. What will kill me is your political system,” the man said in the video.