Seven academics who were earlier dismissed from Sakarya University as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement were arrested over their use of ByLock mobile application.

The suspects are accused of using the ByLock smart phone application, which according to prosecutors, is the top communication tool among members of the Gülen movement, accused by the government of masterminding a coup attempt in Turkey on July 15.

The arrestees are as follows: Ayşegül Ocak, Ferhat Dikbıyık, Hasan Nedim Çetin, Mustafa Aras, Şükrü Şirin, Tufan Koç and Yunus Ekiz. The court also release E.Y, S.S.Ç. and S.G. on pending trial.

Tens of thousands of civil servants have either been dismissed or arrested for using the application.

Three other academics who were also detained as part of the same investigation has been released with travel ban.