An Istanbul court has tasked a trustee panel to govern the 36-hectare Garip Island, off Turkey’s western province of İzmir, over the owner’s alleged links to the Gülen movement.

The management of construction conglomerate, Fi Yapı was seized by government-appointed trustees, on Tuesday. The seizure came days after the confiscation of assets belonging to the company’s chairman Fikret İnan who has been held under arrest since Aug. 26.

Turkish media reported that Garip Island was also among his assets Turkish government seized as part of its crackdown against what it deems affiliated with the movement.

Facing the Greek island of Lesbos, Garip Island is located within İzmir’s Bademli Bay. Sold to Fi Yapı for $32 million in 2010, the island feature zoning permit.

Turkish government has so far seized over 200 companies, worth around $40 billion in total, over their owners’ alleged links to the movement.