Turkey’s Education Ministry is set to republish 58 state-distributed textbooks in order to avoid any subliminal messages from what the government calls Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

The Undersecretary to Education Ministry Yusuf Tekin said the ministry detected subliminal messages from FETÖ in 58 books. The government accuses the Gülen Movement of masterminding the coup attempt and labels it as FETÖ without any court order.

“We examined the textbooks to find out whether they are affiliated with publishing house closed down after the coup attempt, whether they were written by suspended teachers and whether the textbooks contain images related to FETÖ and closed institutions affiliated with it; and confirmed problems in 58 books,” Tekin told state-owned Anadolu news agency.

Turkey has shut down 2,099 schools, dormitories and universities over their alleged links to the movement while it has sacked near 30,000 teachers since the coup attempt.

“We are republishing such textbooks leaving out the parts or statements that can be considered as propaganda for the terrorist organization,” Tekin said and added that some 300 different textbooks are distributed to students below university age each year.