One of the institutions shut down, with charges of ‘posing a threat to national security’ – through a decree under OHAL (state of emergency)- is İstanbul Women’s Health and IVF Center. On Saturday, July 23rd, the Center got closed down by a team of officials from health department, governor’s office, and finance department, with the reasoning that the Center had supported the Gülen organization.

‘We have no connection to Gülenists’

The Center was established 11 years ago and had been in operation in Taksim. Aret Kamar, the Armenian doctor who is the primary partner of the Center with a share of 61.5%, talked to BirGün about the situation, emphasizing that they simply have no connections with the Gülen organization and there are no legal issues at place.

Kamar said, “If we wait for this to be resolved legally, we would have to wait for some years. Since our hospital has been shut down through a decree passed by the Council of Ministers, we don’t know on what grounds really it’s been closed. We’re informed that the reason was because of claims that we had supported FETÖ/PDY (Fethullah Gülen Organization/Parallel State Structure). We’re trying to express to the Council of Ministers that we have no ties with such structures. We have not been able to take any solid steps so far. There is no way for us to have ties with these structures. However, since the decision for shutting down our hospital has been made by the Council of Ministers, we have no way to refer it to a court or have a lawyer.”

Source, BirGun Daily,
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