Since the coup attempt on July 15, the Turkish authorities sacked, fired or suspended tens of thousands of public employees and detained thousands of army officers, police officers, judges, prosecutors along with hundreds of civilians.

The pace of the purge in the state bureaucracy suggests that it was well-planned way before the coup attempt took place and that not all of them are involved in the coup attempt on July 15. It is our belief that most of those sacked or suspended are Gulenists, but not necessarily. Many secular academics, journalists, activists, judges and prosecutors are also among those purged.

One case proves this point. Ahmet Bicer, 37 years old prosecutor, was also among those who were suspended following the coup attempt. The Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors, or HSYK, said in its statement that 426 judges and prosecutors, including Bicer, were suspended as part of an investigation into the July 15 coup attempt. The fact that Bicer died on May 23, 2016 — 57 days before he was suspended — proves that the HSYK did not suspend members of the judiciary because of their alleged involvement in the coup.