Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan has won Erich Maria Remarque peace prize in Germany, on Friday.

Spent 132 days in jail over terror charges last summer, Erdogan said she is happy for winning the price, meanwhile, sad over the fact that “180 writers in Turkey are still in jail and unable to go abroad.”

“I tried to be the voice of the oppressed in my entire life. Until I have been oppressed, too…” she added during an award ceremony in the German city of Osnabrück.

The jury panel, while listing the reasons to choose Erdogan, said that the author focuses on violence against women in her writings and that she devoted herself to issues related to massacres, violence, oppression, torture and wars.

Erdogan was unable to leave Turkey over a travel ban imposed due to her trial until the government let her go after a German publishers’ union sent a letter to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan requesting to lift restrictions.