The National Education Directorate in Turkey’s eastern province of Diyarbakır has sent an internal correspondence to all schools across the city, requesting from municipals the list of teachers, students and personnel who was absent with or without permission on Mar. 21.

Iranians as well as Kurdish people traditionally celebrate Mar 21 or what they call Nowruz as the arrival of spring and the new year. However, celebrations in Turkey come under political pressure from time to time, depending on Turkish government’s relations with its Kurdish minority in the country.

The directorate’s letter also asked schools to increase the number of teachers on watch to prevent students from attending the celebrations, according to Turkish media.

The crackdown on the Kurdish media and political movement have gained momentum after Turkey’s failed coup, with tens of Kurdish mayors along with a number of MPs jailed as part of such operations. Police are reported to have detained tens of people attending a Nowruz meeting in Diyarbakır on Tuesday.