Turkey’s Flash TV, one of the leading entertainment-focused TV channels, has stopped broadcasting due to political pressure by the government and economic hardship.

Established in 1992, the station is Turkey’s one of the first private television channels. Flash TV is known for its broadcasts of traditional halay dancing and match-making programs.

In a written statement on Friday, the channel’s management said political and economic pressure have reached to unbearable levels.

Our crime is impartiality…

“Flash TV is suspending its broadcast… We are turning down our voice for a while due to the pressures that we have long been facing and that have become unbearable. The unlawful practices of the ones holding the political power as well as administrative, political and financial pressures have reached an unbearable point.

“We are sharing it with the public that we have decided to stop our broadcast for a while with the aim of preventing our workers and business partners from coming to harm and so as not to cast a shadow upon our 28-year-long history of private broadcasting. An independent media is as precious as an independent judiciary,” read the statement which was translated by Bianet.

Former reporter Mustafa Yenigun told media that suspension means closure.

Turkish government closed at least 180 media outlets over terrorism charges over the past 2.5 years.