Turkey’s global food giant Ülker withdrew a controversial advertising as pro-government social media users as well as some columnists claimed that secret messages in the commercial usher in an impending military coup, on Friday.

Turkey survived a military coup attempt that killed more than 250 people on July 15, 2016 while the government launched a nation-wide witch-hunt to detain 94,000 in the name of anti-coup operations.

The commercial is expected to start a new campaign on April fool’s day with a statement reading “April 1 is coming, time for revenge is nearing…”

The voice in the ad continued: “Younger brothers have surprise for their elder brothers and sisters on April 1. …It is hard to be a younger brother, [but] it is time for revenge.”

“This ad is total disgrace. What do you mean by revenge time?” Cem Küçük, a pro-government columnist tweeted. While some criticized the lynch against Ülker calling it paranoia, many other Twitter trolls called on government to launch investigation into the company.

Ülker has withdrawn the ad and company CEO Murat Ülker said it was a plot against company. “I am out of the country. I have just heard the news. Thanks to those who let me know about it. Those who set this plot will not get away with it. We stand by our nation,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, some dissident social media users said the commercial was prepared only for the government to take over the global food producer.

Earlier, pro-government media outlets hinted at alleged links between Ülker and the Gülen movement, which the government accuses of masterminding July 15 coup attempt. Turkish government has already confiscated more than 800 companies as part of its post-coup investigations into the movement.