Turkey’s high court has overruled 5-year term given to former Editor-in-Chief of the Cumhuriyet daily, Can Dündar, asking for heavier sentence on “espionage” charges  with potential 15 to 20-years in prison.

Dündar lambasted the court ruling in a tweet on Friday, saying that “real Espionage is the secret transfer of arms into a foreign country. Those who report on it are journalists.”

He was sentenced to five years in prison after publishing a story in January 2015 about how Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) was allegedly sending weapons to Syria. He was released pending appeal and left Turkey during the appeals process. His wife, Dilek Dündar, was subsequently prevented from visiting him after Turkish authorities revoked her passport.

He recently announced he would not surrender himself to Turkish courts because he had lost faith in the Turkish judiciary after a failed July 15 coup and the subsequent state of emergency declared by the government.

An İstanbul court also accepted an indictment against Dündar on charges of “publishing a terrorist organization’s statements” during a one-day editorial stint undertaken in solidarity with the now-closed daily Özgür Gündem.