Turkey’s Justice Ministry has handed out pages of forms to its personnel asking if they know any colleague linked to terrorist organizations or the government’s perceived enemies, particularly the Gülen movement, according to a social media post.

With the documents still lacking confirmation from any source, similar leaks in the aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt increase their credibility.

“Do you know anybody within our institution who is a member of terror organizations such as FETO/PDY, PKK, DAEŞ/IŞİD, DHKPC and Hezbollah?” the 20th question in a form believed to be released after July 15 by the Justice Ministry asked.

The questionnaire further asks information regarding identity and position of the person if personnel says “yes” to the previous question.

FETO is a derogatory term the government coined in order to label the alleged network of the Gülen movement within state institutions as “Fethullahist Terrorist Organization.” Meanwhile, PDY stands for the alleged “Parallel State Structure,” established by the movement.

Stand accused of also orchestrating the July 15 coup attempt, the movement denies accusations asking for concrete evidence.

Profiling of citizens is nothing new in Turkey with provincial branches of the Education Ministry already proven to have asked their personnel to identify which newspapers and magazines they are subscribers.

The forms leaked from the Justice Ministry also ask workers to identify where they stayed during education years; if they attended movement-affiliated preparation schools to enter university exams; which newspaper, magazine and publication they and their families subscribe to; which banks they have account in and have credit cards; and if any of their relatives –either close or distant– have links to the movement.