Turkey’s first openly racist political party was founded on Dec. 20, the Duvar news portal reported on Jan. 5.

The Ötüken Union Party was established by a group of Turkish nationalists and has officially been included by the Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor’s Office in the yearly political party list.

Ötüken is the capital city in both Turkic mythology and Tengrism, a shamanistic central Asian religion that once prevailed over Turkic states.

The main goal of the party is to serve as a platform where Turkish nationals may come together. According to the party officials, one needs to have Turkish parents and Turkish as your mother tongue, in order to be considered a Turkish national.

Among the other goals of the party are “to shut down vocational high-schools, to bring back the death penalty, to stop the refugee influx and cancel the citizenships of non-Turks who have migrated to Turkey.” Also, the party vows to ban marriage to foreign citizens and to form an army made up of Turkish-only soldiers and police officers.