Murat Büyükyılmaz, a Turkish academic, was fired once again from his job by the Avrasya university management only one day after he was reinstated to his job by a Turkish court, the Cumhuriyet daily reported.

According to the report, Büyükyılmaz, assistant professor working at Avrasya University in Turkey’s Trabzon province, was initially fired from his job with a decree issued after a coup attempt in July 2016. A Samsun court, however, has recently granted a motion for a stay of execution, rainstating Mr. Büyükyılmaz to his job at the university.

The Cumhuriyet reported that the assistant professor went back to his job on September 2 only to be fired on September 3 by the university management.

Following a coup attemot in July 2016, Turkey declared a state of emergency following a failed coup on July 15, 2016, and revoked it after two years.

During the state of emergency some 5,700 academics were dismissed by government decrees on “terror charges,” while some of them were jailed. The Turkish government also canceled the passports of dismissed academics.