Calgary-based Turkish-Canadian Davut Hanci was sentenced to 15 years in prison over his links to the Gulen movement, media said Friday.

A court in Turkey’s Northwestern province of Trabzon gave Hancı, already under pre-trial detention for nearly 2 years,  15 years of jail sentence on charges of leading and managing a terror group.

Turkish government accuses Gulen movement of being behind the July 15, 2016 failed coup and calls it a terrorist organization, but the group denies involvement and any terrorist activities.

Among the evidence in the indictment against Hancı are  his role in organizing faith-based meet-ups; raising money for Gulen movement’s activities and his child’s pictures with NBA star Enes Kanter, a supporter of the movement and a public opponent of the Turkish goverment. The prosecutor also said Hancı’s arrival to Turkey just a week before the coup attempt “couln’t have been a coincidence.”

Put in pre-trial detention in Aug, 2016, Hancı was given 15 years on Friday.

More than 150,000 people have lost their jobs, over 150,000 have passed through police custody and 90,000 were put in jail pending trial over Gulen links since the summer of 2016.