A court in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa arrested Mustafa Bayram, the co-mayor of Şanluurfa’s Halfeti district on Tuesday following his detention on Nov 2 in the latest blow to opposition movements in Turkey.

Halfeti Co-mayor Mustafa Bayram, the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Urfa Metropolitan Municipal Council member Sibel Sürpak, Leyla Akça, Hülya Demir, Sami Kılıç, İsmail Çobanyıldızı, Mahide Kurttekin, İsmail Seçin, Mahmut Kaya and Mehmet Çiçek appeared in court today and sent to prison over alleged “membership in a terrorist organization” in Urfa.

With the arrest, the number of jailed pro-Kurdish co-mayors and deputy chairs has increased to 57. There are 41 trustees appointed to DBP-governed municipalities.