Pınar Aydınlar, a pro-Kurdish folk singer and Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) party council member, has been released from prison on probation after serving a total of 105 days in solitary confinement, the Cumhuriyet daily reported.

“I was released on probation a few hours ago. I spent 105 days in solitary confinement. Long-live freedom! Lon-live our dignified resistance,” Aydınlar tweeted late on Monday night.

Aydınlar was arrested early in May due to a final judgment by the İzmir 2nd High Criminal Court, immediately upon her arrival at İstanbul Atatürk Airport from Germany.

The court’s original verdict, in which Aydınlar was convicted of “disseminating terrorist propaganda” in an election campaign speech in İzmir province in 2015, was two years, one month in prison, which was reduced to 10 months on appeal.

Following her arrest, she was sent to Bakırköy Women’s Prison in İstanbul, where she spent 105 days. On her way to İstanbul from Germany early in the morning, Aydınlar tweeted a message to her followers, saying, “I don’t prefer Europe’s fancy streets to my country’s prisons. Time to come back! Hope to see you in free days! Jin Jiyan Azadi [women, life, freedom]!”