An obtrusive recording revealed that a teacher working at a Turkish gov’t-funded religious school in Albania converses with a student about how the ISIL militants seek to “provide protection to the Muslim people of Syria, Palestine, and Egypt.”

During his 35-second video, a student says he does not understand if ISIL militants are Muslim or not. In her answer, the teacher says ISIL seek to protect Muslims and thereby they are good people.

The controversial teacher works at an İmam Hatip school established by the state-run Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), which is largely funded by the Turkey’s ruling AK Party government since 2002.

Turkish government’s education projects in foreign countries are largely managed by the TİKA.

Here is how the teacher answers the questing regarding the ISIL:

Pupil: Teacher, can I ask you a question? I heard yesterday on the issue of these ISIS. I don’t understand because …..- Are they Muslim or what are they?

Teacher: What ISIS? A Muslim organization which seeks to provide protection to the Muslim people of Syria for example. Or people of Palestine, or Egypt. They are fighting for this country.

Pupil: So they are good?

Teacher: Well, they are good, but the state wants to fight them.

Pupil: Means, news say they are bad, but in fact they are good?

Teacher: Right

Pupil: But in reality they are good?

Teacher: Yes normal, are we trusting the news?

Pupil: Teacher, killing people, they are good?

Teacher: Why [teacher] how many have they killed?

Pupil: It means they are good because they kill people?

Teacher: Well! Did they give that beautiful news that – Oh man we killed Bin Laden.

Pupil: So now results Bin Laden was a good man?

Teacher: How many officers were killed to kill Bin Laden?

Pupil: OK teacher, Bin Laden…

Teacher: Out of 28 people participating in his killing, 26 were killed. 26, Italian (TV) has given this news. These are the most realistic news.