Turkey’s Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK) has delivered a court ruling to newspapers, television and websites on Sunday, announcing a broadcast and publication ban on reports relating to Kemal Kurkut, a Kurdish student who was shot dead by police at Nevruz celebrations in the Bağlar district of southeastern Diyarbakır province on March 21 on suspicion that he was a suicide bomber.

According to the dihaber website, Kurkut was studying at İnönü University’s fine arts faculty department of music and came for Nevruz celebrations in his hometown of Diyarbakır early on Tuesday. He stayed with his brother and joined in the celebrations the same day.

A bare-chested Kurkut quarreled with police at the checkpoint when trying to get into the venue, photos taken during the incident show.

In a statement made on the day of the incident, the Diyarbakır Governor’s Office said Kurkut told police “There’s a bomb in my bag.” The photos show the student was carrying a knife but did not have a bag with him.

After the photos were published in the media, Diyarbakir Governor Hüseyin Aksoy issued a new statement, saying: “We said in our previous statement the suspect was carrying a knife and said he had a bomb in his bag. Security forces had to take into consideration the [safety of] people attending Nevruz celebrations and intervened. It is an unfortunate incident, and it is being investigated.”