A total of 113,260 were detained as part of investigations into the Gulen movement after July 15 coup attempt, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced on Sunday.

The government put the blame for the coup attempt on the movement.

Of them, 47,155 were further taken in pre-trial detention or what most Turks call arrest, Soylu said. “This is a remarkable figure,” he added.

Some 745 people are still under custody waiting to be either arrested or released whether be on judicial control or without an investigation.

The number of those released on judicial control hit 41,499 and 23,861 were freed without any investigation after brief detention.

Soylu said law enforcement have yet to locate 863 people who face outstanding detention warrants.

“Out of 47,155 arrestees, 10,732 are police officers, 7,631 military officials, 2,575 judges and prosecutors, 26,177 civilians and 208 local administrative officials,” the minister concluded.