A recent article at the pro-government Akşam daily revealed that Turkey’s intelligence agency officials have been involved in espionage against 12 hotels based in the US province of Pennsylvania.

The article came as the latest of similar examples exposing Turkey’s spying activities against its critics abroad.

“This map will uncover disguised traitors,” reads the title while the daily lists the implicated hotels in the text: Days Inn, Best Western Plus Poconos Hotel, Westminster Hotel, Holiday Inn Express, Society Hill Hotel, Holiday Inn Midtown, Riviera Hotel, Best Western Airport Plaza, Quality Inn, Ramada Whitehall and Country Inn Suites.

The article claims that followers of the Gülen movement stays at the abovementioned hotels during their visit to the Pennsylvania-based Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen, whom the government pinned the blame on for the July 15 coup attempt.

Hotels were mapped as part of a recent investigation against those who have come to US to take orders from Gülen since late 2013, according to the daily.

Phone records and credit card transactions of Gülen’s such visitors are currently under scrutiny, the report said.