Ali Burak Darıcılı, a former Turkish intelligence officer, said during a live TV interview that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has abducted individuals linked to the Gülen group from some African and Central Asian countries by bribing local officials.

Darıcılı, who left MİT in 2014, is currently an academic at Bursa Technical University. During a live interview with Turkish journalists Burcu Uğur and Şaban Sevinç,  Darıcılı was asked how MİT had been able to forcibly return Gülen groups members in some African and Central Asian countries but had failed to do the same in European countries or the United States.

The ex-intelligence official explained that locals were being bribed to help them as collaborators in such “failed states” as those in Africa and Central Asia while carrying out the abduction of Gülenists.

Darıcılı added that it’s not possible to do the same in countries with strong governments, such as Germany, since “if you’re exposed performing such a covert activity, you’ll have a big problem under international law” because it amounts to interfering with the internal affairs of the relevant country.

When Sevinç claimed he could also abduct people from those countries using bribery and that one didn’t need to be an intelligence official to do that, Darıcılı said: “Don’t underestimate it [MİT because] knowing whom to bribe is also important.”