Cem Küçük and Fuat Uğur, two staunch supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, made a call on Thursday for the assassination of followers of Turkey’s Hülen group who are abroad, during a live broadcast on the TGRT news channel.

The group is accused by the Turkish government of masterminding a failed coup attempt on July 15.

Uğur quoted İsmail Hakkı Pekin, former intelligence chief of the General Staff, who had said on the Habertürk TV station, “Those from FETÖ [a derogatory term used by government circles to refer to the Gülenists] who have committed a betrayal and fled abroad should be exterminated, and that is the responsibility of the Republic of Turkey,” and Uğur added that he totally agrees with him.

Küçük, a staunchly pro-government journalist known for his attacks on government critics on social media, suggested that Justice and Development Party (AKP) supporters living overseas were willing to carry out the assassinations and that the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has the authority to carry out such acts outside the country. Küçük added that Turks living abroad were willing to sacrifice themselves and that they know where Gülenists are living.

“Look how England and the US are killing people. They can make the executions look like a heart attack or a car accident. Why do the hearts of those FETÖ people never stop?” he continued.

Gülenists strongly denies any involvement in the coup attempt.

According to a report by the state-run Anadolu news agency on May 28, 154,694 individuals have been detained and 50,136 have been jailed due to alleged Gülen links since the failed coup attempt.

Due to the ongoing witch-hunt against the Gülen movement, thousands of Gülenists had to leave Turkey and seek refuge abroad to avoid government persecution.