Former Taraf daily journalist Mehmet Baransu who was imprisoned in Mach 2015 after he revealed the alleged plan of the government to “eliminate the Gülen movement” based on a secret document he published in 2013, was nedied food on the day of court hearing, his wife said on Wednesday.

According to Evrensel daily, Baransu’s wife Nesibe Baransu said that he was taken from Silivri Prison at 7 am for the hearing at İstanbul Anadolu Courthouse at 2 pm. However, neither in the prison or in the courthouse he was not provided breakfast or lunch.

“It was purposefully made, in order to make him not to stand for a proper defense,” his wife said.She added that he wasn’t provided food until the evening at the same day.

10th High Criminal Court in İstanbul Anadolu Courthouse adjourned Baransu’s hearing until February 8, 2017.

Nesibe Baransu also said that she was allowed to speak with her husband only 20 minutes in a week. “He is not able to prepare a proper defense for his hearing because we are not able share documents,” she added.

In September, a prosecutor in İstanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office demanded the conviction of Baransu and a sentence of up to 31 years’ imprisonment, in a criminal case regarding a news story that revealed a National Security Council (MGK) document of 2004 in which the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government signed to eliminate Gülen movement that is accused by AKP of masterminding the failed coup attempt on July 15.

Baransu, an outspoken government critic, was put behind bars on March 2, 2015, on charges of releasing classified documents. Nearly 30 police officers raided and searched his home in İstanbul’s Eyüp district for 12 hours before detaining him for questioning in relation to documents he submitted to prosecutors in 2010, prompting a major coup trial known as “Sledgehammer” that implicated top military officers.