Under arrest for 103 days as part of a post-coup investigation into the Gülen movement, E.D. was released only after he proved that the $1 bill police founded at his office and seized as an evidence had been given during his son’s circumcision ceremony.

According to the Turkish government, one dollar bills are an encrypted messaging system among members of the movement which it accuses of masterminding a coup attempt on July 15. Hundreds of people carrying one dollar bills have been arrested so far, including columnist and professor Mehmet Altan.

Taşkın Kangal, a lawyer representing E.D. told media: “My client kept the one dollar bill that had been scattered in the air during his son’s circumcision ceremony as a souvenir in his drawer. Due to developments concerning the movement, someone reported him to the police. The court ruled on his arrest as a $1 bill was founded during the raid at his office. We explained that this bill is the one that was given during the ceremony.

It is a common tradition that guests as well as the parents of the marrying couples or children spray paper money onto the heads of people dancing during wedding or circumcision ceremonies.