A  leftist academic at Tunceli University has been detained over possession of a book about Fethullah Gulen at his office, the leftist Birgun daily reported on Wednesday.

Candan Badem, a scholar at History Department of Tunceli University in eastern province of Tunceli has already been suspended by the Turkish authorities in a nation-wide crackdown against academics and scholars following a botched coup attempt on July 15.

Badem, who is publicly known for his Marxist and atheist worldview, reacted to the suspension by authorities, rejecting any link to Gulen Movement.

On Wednesday, Birgun daily reported that Badem has been detained by police after a book about Gulen was found at his office.

Former Republican People’s Party (CHP) Tunceli Deputy Huseyin Aygun, who also represents Badem as his lawyer at the court, told Birgun daily that the accusation against Badem is taking part in the coup attempt.

Aygun said the charge is baseless and devoid of any evidence. He said police detained Badem after finding Gulen’s book at his office at the university.

Aygun told the daily that Badem was reading the book for mere scholarly purposes to learn Islamic scholar Gulen’s views about atheism.