Representatives of 45 NGOs and trade bodies gathered to make a press meeting about the post-coup emergency rule in a well-known reception hall in Turkey’s Diyarbakır province but failed to draw attention of journalists, on Tuesday.

“Now, we are struggling to make our voice heard only by social media,” a spokesperson representing the signatory NGOs is heard saying in a video recorded by an amateur camera. “You cannot see a single microphone recording this meeting. Because TVs and newspapers were closed down,” social media users also lamented the lack of media attention.

Police on Monday morning detained Murat Sabuncu, editor-in-chief of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, and 14 other executives during the day. The crackdown on Cumhuriyet came days after the government shut down 15 mostly Kurdish media outlets including the Dicle news agency, the Kurdish-language Azadiya Welat daily and Evrensel Kültür.

“The post-coup emergency rule has turned into a political opportunism [for the government],” the spokesperson said during the meeting.