A total of 40,029 detentions and 20,355 arrests have been made after last month’s failed coup attempt, Turkish Prime Minister announced on Aug 17.

PM Binali Yıldırım joined a live TV show on Turkey’s national television and spoke about the developments aftermath of the July 15 attempted coup.

“35 Hospitals, 1061 schools,823 dormitories, 1125 associations has so far been closed. From now on, FETO (Gülen Movement) will no longer exist in this country,” Yıldırım said.

Last week, the PM released the numbers of the state employees who have been suspended or dismissed from work over suspected links to the group behind the July 15 attempted coup.

According to the PM, 76,597 had been suspended and 4,897 dismissed. Of those sacked, more than 3,000 were military staff, judges and civil servants.

Turkey survived a bloody coup attempt on July 15 and state institutions has been undergoing an unabated purge as part of investigations into the attempt since then.

The detentions, arrests, dismissals and massive purges that followed the crackdown widened and increased after a state of emergency was declared on July 20, concentrating power formally into the hands of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by allowing him and his cabinet to make laws by fiat.