Levent Üzümcü, a Turkish actor known for his critical stance against the Erdogan government, has been interrogated by the police for posting speculative tweets with the aim of causing an increase in US dollar rates.

I have been summoned [by the police] for a tweet I posted 3 years ago. Capital  Markets Board has filed a complaint against me for speculating to increase US dollar prices. Dollar-TL exchange rate was then 6. I guess, I’m the reason for all the things we have been through since then,” Üzümcü tweeted.

Turkey’s lira has recently weakened to a record low against the US dollar. The lira has the highest depreciation among developing countries.

Üzümcü was dismissed from his post with the Istanbul Municipal Theaters after a case was filed against him with the company’s disciplinary committee in May 2015, supposedly over his prominent activism in the nationwide anti-government Gezi protests of 2013.

Üzümcü has also been critical of a widespread purge conducted by the government following a failed coup attempt on July 15. Üzümcü said in August that subsequent the state of emergency was being used as a tool against those in opposition to the government.