Turkish prisons are hosting some 27,000 prisoners more than its overall capacity, according to main opposition Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) deputy Gamze Akkus Ilgezdi.

According to the information shared by Ilgezdi at Human Rights Commission in the Turkish parliament on Wednesday, there are 235,888 peoples in all prisons across Turkey which is above the maximum capacity by 27,000 people or 12.9 percent.

Prisoners include 2,949 children, 9,700 women, among them 45 pregnant, Ilgezdi tweeted Wednesday.

Meanwhile, there are 650 children, aged 0 to 6, who are staying with their mothers in prisons.

Ilgezdi also said only 279 doctors are currently tasked to deal with medical conditions of the prisoners. “In other words, every doctor provide service to 845 inmates,” she added.

Turkey has now some 390 prisons with the government seeking to build another 40 prisons by the year-end.

100 currently-built prisons are expected to open in the later future.

More than 150,000 people have passed through custody and 60,000 of them were remanded in prison since the 2016 failed coup alone.