Muttalip Kutluk Özgüven, a professor of Computer Engineering, has said in a live TV interview that Gulenists across the country should be sent to concentration camps as part of a forcible indoctrination process to induce them to give up their social and religious affiliation to the group.

“We should open rehabilitation camps and draft new laws accordingly. We should take those FETO members who have not committed an actual crime, to those camps and conduct psychological treatments on them. Why? Because, no matter how hard you try, they remain united, they are married to each other, they talk to each other. Even if they live 1000 years, they will curse the Turkish state for 1000 years,” Özgüven said during a live TV interview at pro-government Akit TV.

Özgüven is known with his controversial statements on TV interviews. In May 2020, he said claimed that the age range between 12 to 17 is an ideal period for girls to give birth to their first child. Following his statements, his university announced that he was fired from his job.

“The views Professor Özgüven expressed in the TV show are his own and totally unacceptable. We strongly condemned him. Legal actions have been taken against this particular staff. Such a mindset can not have a place in our institution,” the university said in a statement.