Five to ten years prison sentence is being sought by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor for Turkish rapper Burak Aydoğduoğlu, aka Burry Soprano, for encouraging drug use through a song composed.

The song, “Mary Jane,” was taken off Youtube in May 2018 after the 44th İstanbul Court of First Instance ruled that its lyrics encouraged narcotic use. It was however re-uploaded in August 2018 and has been viewed over 40 million times since then.

Turkish courts has recently been sending rappers to prison on charges of encouraging drug use in their songs.

In May 2018, an İstanbul court arrested Ömer Sercan İpekçioğlu, a Turkish rapper also known as Ezhel, on charges of encouraging drug use.

“I am a musician. I didn’t know that songs I’ve shared on YouTube and words that I’ve used on social media were crimes. I’m sorry,” Ezhel reportedly said in testimony.

Ezhel’s videos have been viewed millions of times on Youtube. He released his most recent album “Müptezhel” in 2017. The hit single of the album “Şehrimin Tadı” (Taste of my City) has been viewed 31 million views on YouTube.

Ezhel had earlier been briefly detained on the same charges.