A teacher at a state-run Istanbul school, Recep Demirtaş is feared to have been killed amid successive police raids on his house.

Demirtaş was among thousands of others who were suspended by the Education Ministry as part of an investigation into Turkey’s July 15 coup attempt.

Five people, reported to be police officers according to security officials at the residential compound, raided Demirtaş’s home in Istanbul’s Esenyurt quarter and detained him at 6 in the morning, on August 9.

While no official report was made for the raid and the police search, Demirtaş’s family was told about the arrest by the residence’s security only a day after.

His family stopped by police offices in Esenyurt, Vatan and Gayrettepe neighborhoods on multiple occasions in order to know whereabouts of Demirtaş but failed the get an answer.

Meanwhile, police also raided the house of his father in the Black Sea province of Tokat on August 10. A day after, police thought to be from the Ankara Police Department and reported to be unaware of Demirtaş’s detention also raided his house on August 11. Later on the same day however; Esenyurt police gave a verbal notice to a complaint made by the family and said Demirtaş had been taken into custody by the police’s counterterrorism unit.

Family members reported to have been fearing that Demirtaş might have been killed amid successive police raids.

Gökhan Acikkollu, a high-school teacher who had been detained on July 23 in post-coup attempt crackdown, was found dead in his prison cell after he was denied access to his medics for six days.

Amnesty International said on July 24 that it gathered credible evidence that people detained following the coup attempt in Turkey are being subjected to beatings and torture, including rape, in official and unofficial detention centers across the country.

Some 30,000 people have been detained with nearly half of them arrested since July 15 coup attempt in Turkey.