Three unidentified men attempted to abduct a Turkish teacher in Ankara as he was about to get into his car. The gunmen fled after the victim started shouting and managed to attract a small crowd, according to Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, a human rights activist and Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy.

Hayrullah Narin is a public school teacher who is also a member of Eğitim-Sen, an education sector union critical of the Turkish government. Narin said one of the men had threatened him, saying, “We know the school where you work.”

The unidentified men’s vehicle that they had tried to put Narin into was photographed by a Twitter user, who said the same kind of vehicle, a black Ford Transporter minivan, was used in previous abduction cases.

The license plate of the vehicle, 06 MBC 32, can be seen in the photo.

Gergerlioğlu tweeted that he would follow the case to the end.

At least 24 people who were suspects in investigations into Turkey’s Gülen movement have reportedly been abducted by Turkish intelligence officers since a failed coup in 2016.

Turkey accuses the movement of orchestrating the abortive putsch, although it denies any involvement.