Aydin-based Adnan Menderes University has issued an instructive for university personnel, calling for submitting information about any Fethullah Gulen sympathizer among the personnel.

In another incident of witch-hunt across the country, the administration of the Adnan Menderes University, based in Western province of Aydin in Aegean region, has called on personnel to give information about the staff whom they suspect may have link to Gulen Movement.

The administration says it assures those who are willing to share info about Gulenists in the institution to keep their personal identity anonymous.

The incident reveals the scale of witch-hunt across Turkey, sowing seeds of mistrust and suspicion among segments of society in any private or public sectors, inflicting a great damage to the institutions where trust among staff is almost lost.

Nearly 90,000 public servants have either been sacked, dismissed or suspended since failed July 15 coup. Nearly 20,000 people, including generals, admirals, soldiers, police officers, judges and prosecutors, and also ordinary teachers and other low level officials have been detained in post-coup crackdown.