Sedat Gökçen and Ahmet Gödük, two former personnel of the International Antalya University, which was earlier shuttered over ties to the Gülen movement, have been subject to torture and maltreatment ever since they were detained near a shopping mall mid-last month.

Aktifhaber said Wednesday that the two were detained near the Antalya Terra City Shopping Mall, on Jan 16, 2018.

“Plainclothes police officers used physical violence on SEDAT GOKCEN and AHMET GODUK for about an hour in front of shopkeepers and passersby,” a Twitter account that focuses on the torture and maltreatment cases in Turkey under the rule of emergency said. A video recording shared by many other Twitter users showed a man, claimed to be Gödük, hobbling due to what many said beatings and maltreatment during police operation to detain them.

Ill-treatment on them continued for two more weeks they spent under police custody, the Twitter account said, adding that the pressure was to force them to make “confessions,” Aktifhaber said.

The detention period was later arbitrarily extended to 15 days so as to make torture marks vanish. Gökçen and Gödük were later remanded in prison and put in Antalya Dosemealti prison, according to the news portal.

However, Gokcen had his herniated disc problem reemerged meanwhile suffering hearing loss, and bruises and swellings due to torture. Gödük began to have difficulty in walking as a result.

Gökçen was the general secretary of the university until it was closed, and also an associate professor at the tourism department. Goduk, meanwhile, was the food manager for the university.