The Islamic University of Rotterdam’s rector Ahmet Akgunduz has said it is allowed to slaughter members of the Gulen movement due to “their revolt against the Turkish government” on during the July 15, 2016 coup attempt.

Speaking to the Islamist Akit TV channel in Turkey in late Nov 29, 2018, Akgunduz said it is permissible, according to Islamic rules, to slaughter Gulenists due to their role in the failed putsch.

“My dear brother, even if they are saints…check this out. It is important because people across the count have been asking me about this. They say: ‘Sir, there are some people within FETO who are more pious than us.’ And I tell them it doesn’t matter at all. According to Quran, it is even allowed to slaughter them if they rise against the government,” the rector said.

The rector’s remarks made headlines on Dutch media. 

“A rector who makes such statements does not belong at a university. You can not be responsible here for the critical learning of students and advocate the death penalty for dissenters on Turkish TV,” Lilian Marijnissen of the Socialist Party in the Netherlands told media.

Ingrid van Engelshoven, The Netherlands’ Minister of Education, Culture and Science reacted angrily at Akgunduz’s remarks and told media: “If necessary, I will withdraw the accreditation of the institution.”

Earlier in 2015, Akgunduz made the headlines again for his discriminatory remarks. Prior to Turkey’s general elections in June, 2015, Akgündüz called on potential voters to the pro-Kurdish HDP: “Think over that by voting for HDP, you would be supporting gays, Armenians, those willing to destroy religious values, racists, terrorists, and media outlets opposing Turkey in the US and the EU.”