A video that has recently emerged on social media purportedly shows a group of Turkish-speaking soldiers posing with beheaded people or allegedly outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants.

Turkey Purge cannot authenticate the details regarding the newly surfaced video, which was shared by many pro-Kurdish accounts on Twitter. It is also still unknown if Turkish soldiers are involved in decapitations or not.

“GRAPHIC:video circulating social media of alleged Turkish soldier beheading #PKK fighter, date and place are unknown #Turkey”  a Twitter user under pseudonym @putintintin1 wrote.

@putintintin1 later tweeted: ”unconfirmed claims that the beheaded fighter is #YPG the Syrian wing of #PKK but it is still unconfirmed #Turkey #Syria

In the disturbing video, Turkish-speaking soldiers are seen mocking the copped-off bodies of the victims, saying: “They deserved this.”