Several people were detained during police intervention at a landmark, weekly gathering by Saturday Mothers.

The district governor for Istanbul’s Beyoglu, earlier in the day, banned the 700th gathering of the Saturday Mothers at Galatasaray Square on Aug. 25.

The sit-in was prohibited because the event was publicized on social media with alleged links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), media said.

The group defied the ban saying: “We performed our sit-on for 699 weeks now. We will do it this week as week.” Police intervened at the sit-in and detained several people including 82-year-old participant, Emine Ocak.

Dubbed as the Saturday Mothers, the group have gathered in the same place since 1995 demanding justice for their loved ones who disappeared while in custody in Turkey in the ’90s. They protest questions unanswered by the authorities about the disappearance or unsolved murder of their loved ones after being taken by security forces, and the lack of justice in court.

Disappearances back in the time mainly took place in the southeastern part of Turkey, where most of the Kurdish population lives, but cases were in fact reported from all over the country.