Mehtap Tekin, sister of Murat Tekin, a military cadet whose throat was slit by a group of civilians on the night of a coup attempt on July 15, 2016, has released a video of the cadet’s final moments.

The graphic video footage shows the moment Murat lying on the Bosporus Bridge in a pool of blood while tens of people are cursing and kicking his body because of his alleged involvement in the attempt.

“Watch this. I can’t,” the grieving sister tweeted.

Turkey experienced a military coup attempt on July 15, 2016 that killed over 240 people and wounded more than a thousand others.

On the night of the attempt, Twenty-one-year-old Murat Tekin who had studied at Işıklar Military High School in Bursa for five years and then enrolled in the Air Force Academy in Istanbul last year, and many of his friends were situated by their commanders on İstanbul’s Bosporus Bridge.

However, sister Mehtap Tekin said that neither Murat nor his classmates was even aware of the coup attempt until they were in the middle of it.

Tekin also sent a letter to the Çağdaş Ses news platform on Oct. 4 claiming that an autopsy on the body of her slain brother proved that her brother was killed with a knife.

“We are taking you to the most realistic military exercise that you have ever seen,” commanders at the military school told students, according to Tekin.

Mehtap said friends of her brother told her about the night and how they were convinced they should gather on the Bosporus Bridge.

Some students were told that eight suicide bombers had been on the Istanbul streets, and some were told that the president had been arrested, according to Murat’s friends.

“With traumatic lesions and stab wounds detected on his body, the person in question was found to be killed due to pressure on his throat and mechanical asphyxia,” Mehtap quoted the autopsy on her brother as saying.

“I asked one of my doctor friends to help me understand the report more clearly, and she said:

“He was battered, stabbed and asphyxiated before he was killed. Someone taped his mouth and someone put pressure on his throat. This is not the kind of trauma that is caused by only one person’,” Mehtap said.

She also said imams, who work for the state, refused to attend the funeral of her brother.

*Warning: video contains distressing content*