Under arrest for more than a month over his alleged ties to the failed coup attempt, Deputy Governor Bülent Güven were actually targeted due to his opposition to a construction project launched by pro-government businessman, Nihat Özdemir, according to his wife.

In a candidly-letter to T24 columnist Oya Baydar, the bureaucrat’s wife Kübra Güven called on all to spread the word about her husband’s unlawful arrest.

Refusing the charges that her husband was tied to the Gulen Movement, which the government accuses of heading the July 15 putsch bid, she said the underlying reason for his arrest is that he looked after the rights of villagers who were displaced following the construction of a hydroelectric power plant by Limak Holding in Tunceli’s Nazımiye district.

The letter as the latest of criticism that AK Party taps into the coup attempt in order to cleanse every dissenting voice from within state institutions. Even when the coup was yet to be rebuffed, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the attempt was a gift from God to cleanse the state from members of the movement.

The movement has denied any involvement in the intervention attempt, on multiple occasions.

A recent decree that sacked 51,000 civil servants included the dismissals of an atheist faculty member, and scores of academics who signed a pro-peace declaration in reaction to Turkish military’s fight against PKK.

Slamming the movement’s alleged harms on the public, Güven said her family was also a victim of it. The couple is both graduated from Turkey’s leading Boğaziçi University, Güven said.

It is unacceptable that Bülent Güven who spent his entire life in helping resolve feud murders and protecting the rights of citizens.

Just because the deputy governor resisted to Özdemir’s demand to deploy security officers next to the hydroelectric project in case of a protest by locals, he was arrested, Güven said.

Özdemir threatened my husband to inform Erdoğan about his resistance, Güven said adding that even PKK militants are heard, in intelligence records, hoping to get rid of my husband due to his position in fight against the outlawed organization.