The pharmacist wife of former prosecutor Hasan Bozkurt, who has been held under custody over coup charges, was also detained during a visit to her husband at İzmir Police Station, on Tuesday.

Police detained Hacer Bozkurt after she stopped by the police station in order to visit her husband in İzmir.

Former prosecutor of Erzincan’s Iliç district, Hasan Bozkurt was detained as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement, which the government accuses of masterminding the July 15 coup attempt, on Sept. 5.

Detentions of relatives of suspects have become common occurrence in Turkey’s anti-coup probes.

Wife of Bülent Korucu, Turkish journalist wanted in anti-coup investigations, were arrested by police who told the couple’s son that the mother would be held hostage until the father surrenders, in late July.

Both the mother and father-in-law of Adil Öksüz, one of the prime suspects wanted for his alleged role in an attempted coup, were arrested in August.

Turkey has detained 43,000 people and arrested 24,000 over their alleged links to the movement so far.