Istanbul police detained the daughter of Turkish poet and writer, Ahmet Özer as part of an investigation into the July 15 bloody coup attempt.

Police raided the house of Özer in Istanbul’s central neighborhood of Eyüp for his arrest and detained his daughter, Ayşe Betül in the father’s absence, Samanyolu Haber reported on Sunday.

A lawyer and mother-of-one, Betül was taken into custody along with her months-old-baby at the order of Bakirkoy Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Betül’s detention was the latest attack on the principle of individual responsibility for suspected crimes in Turkey.

Earlier, police detained Hacer Korucu, the wife of Turkish journalist Bülent Korucu, as a hostage until her husband surrenders. After 10 days in detention, Hacer has been arrested on August 9.

Another 60-year-old man who is said to be the former chauffeur of Ekrem Dumanlı, the former editor-in-chief of critical daily Zaman, [lately seized by the government] was arrested on suspicion of having links to the recent failed military coup attempt in Turkey.

A physics teacher for 20 years, the brother of critical journalist Bülent Keneş was also detained in the same manner.

The father of former Turkish football legend Hakan Şükür was also arrested over his son’s alleged links to Gulen Movement.

Turkey survived a military coup attempt on July 15 which killed over 260 people and wounded more than a thousand people. Even before the intervention was yet to be repulsed, the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan along with the government officials accused the movement of masterminding the coup without an investigation.

The movement has repeatedly repudiated such claims, condemning any intervention into democratically elected administrations.