With Turkey’s post-coup witch-hunt already gone off the rails, Turkey Purge has been continuously receiving anonymous tips from victims as well as from their relatives.

The wife of an arrested man in Isparta province identified only by the initials U.T. decries the difficulties she has encountered in recent days in a letter translated below.

“My husband U.T. has been under arrest on accusations of membership in a terrorist organization for the past two months.

“What kind of terrorist is my husband, who is afraid of even stepping on an ant, who is known by everyone for his politeness, tact and inclusive friendship with all and who wants to help everybody — close or far?

“I could mention all his good qualities, but the main thing is that we have an 18-year-old disabled son who is mostly paralyzed from his neck to his legs.

“It was his father who used to help him with his every need. Now that his father is in prison, he often becomes bad-tempered and screams and ultimately gets sick.

“Unfortunately, his father has been under arrest for nothing for two months.

“I also suffer from a serious lower back problem.

“We have also a 4-year-old daughter. 

“Please, may this persecution end. May they not deem this unfair treatment of us as proper.”