Nurhayat Yildiz, a 29-year-old Sinop woman who miscarried her twins while in pretrial detention has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison.

According to journalist Cevheri Guven on Feb 12, Yildiz was given 7 years plus 6 months of prison sentence on charges of membership to the Gulen movement.

Turkish government blames the movement for the July 15, 2016 failed coup and considers it a terror organization while the group denies such accusations.

Yildiz was first caught up after one of her cousin reported her to the police as for ties to the Gulen movement.

Among the evidence the prosecutor overseeing the case mentioned to demand her arrest were her alleged use of ByLock mobile app and $1 bills police seized during a raid on her home.

Yildiz said she had never downloaded ByLock, which the Turkish prosecutor claim to be the top communication tool among members of the movement and added that Yildiz the seized $1 notes were the ones that had been scattered during her brother’s wedding ceremony.

Arrested while she was 3.5-month pregnant on Aug 29, 2016, Yildiz miscarried her twins in 19th week of her pregnancy on Oct 6, 2016.

“Unfortunately, we lost our twin children. They died in a 25-people-holding cell in Sinop Prison. It hurt me so bad as a father, I got shocked. I didn’t know what to do. Are human lives that cheap? My wife got worse after the death of our children. She stayed at hospital with gendarmerie forces in company before she was sent back to the prison,” Yildiz’s husband said in a letter to journalist Emin Colasan on Oct 15, 2016.