A 46-year-old Turkish woman, identified only by her name Aynur, died after spending five in intensive care unit in Romania where she came to seek safety from an ever growing witch-hunt at her home country.

A volunteer for Hizmet for 25 days and a former hospital worker, Aynur fled Turkey after the government launched a war against hundreds of thousands of people like her.

The government accuses the Gülen movement a.k.a. Hizmet for masterminding the July 15 coup attempt while the latter denies any involvement. But, the government detained some 75,000 people and detained 35,000 over their alleged links to the movement.

Being among many who have fled Turkey since July 15, Aynur landed in Romania where underwent a surgery on her small intestines, for which she had had several other surgeries in the past.

According to Zaman Romanya, she passed away after remaining 5 days under intensive care unit on Friday.