An Istanbul court ruled to keep in prison Nur Ener, an editor for the Yeni Asya daily newspaper who was jailed in March, this year over her alleged use of ByLock mobile app, on Dec 1.

ByLock is a smartphone messaging application that Turkish government claims to be the top communication tool among the members of the Gülen movement, accused of masterminding the July 15, 2016 coup attempt.

The court said in its decision that the evidence against Ener has been yet to be compiled and that a would-be release could have been insufficient. The trial was adjourned to Feb 20, 2018 and Ener was ordered to remain behind bars until then.

At least 308 journalists have been put in pretrial detention after police custody since July 15, 2016. Even though some were later released pending trial, nearly 180 are still held behind bars.