Ankara police detained 5 journalists following house raids on Friday.

Mezopotamya news agency reporters Selman Güzelyüz and Diren Yurtsever, and Jinnews editor Sibel Yükler were rounded up along with Duygu Erol and Habibe Eren, reporters for the latter media outlet.

Media reported that the detentions were made “upon a complaint,” while Mezopotamya said “It is worthwhile to note that those detained were the ones who reported on protests in support of Turkey’s hunger striking educators Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Ozakca.”

The prosecutor in charge imposed a confidentiality order on the case as public is unavailable to find out the details.

Turkey has arrested at least 303 journalists since the last year’s abortive coup, thanks to which the government has broadened terror charges under emergency rule. Turkey currently keeps some 180 of those journalists in jail as the remaining have been released pending trial.